2017 Goals & Resolutions!

Happy Monday friends,

And Happy New Year yet again!

As we settle into the new year, I’ve decided to share my 2017 resolutions and goals with you. Most of them are writing / reading related and they might be a  little on the overachieving side, but I’ve never been very good at minimalism… 😉


  1. READ 60 BOOKS: Though I read close to 120 books in 2016, I’ve set my Goodreads goal lower for 2017 to allow me to focus more on my writing goals, which are extensive (as you soon shall see!)
  2. READ 12 NON-FICTION BOOKS: On top of my above goal, I plan to read an additional 12 books (1 a month) in the non-fiction genre. I have a lot of great history books that have been sitting on my shelf and I have always found history to be a major source of inspiration for me, so my plan this year is to make some headway!
  3. REVIEW EACH BOOK!: I reviewed a good number of books in 2016, but not 100% of them and that is something I need to and will change! Reviews are the best gift I can give an author, and so I shall gift as I have been gifted in turn. Part of this resolution includes trying to catch up on reviews I neglected to post in the last year.
  4. BUY LESS BOOKS: Friends, this a real problem of mine. I am Faith Rivens, and I am a bookaholic. This year I purchased somewhere close to 200 books… No, that is not an exaggeration. The worse of it came after discovering BookOutlet, an online site that sells books in excellent collection at a reduced price. My aim is to buy below 50 books this year. My pocketbook will thank me for this….
  5. READ MORE DIVERSE BOOKS: This is a big one. Of the 120 books I read this past year, only 10 were either written by a diverse individual or featured a diverse individual as the main character role. I am not proud of my statistic here and am striving to diversify my reading habits this year, making an effort to read at least one diverse book each month!


  1. PUBLISH AT LEAST 2 BOOKS:  The two I am most focused on are Pirate Eyes and the second book in the Iníonaofa Chronicles.
  2. HAVE A FINAL DRAFT OF HERITAGE READY: Some of you may remember that Heritage was the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo2015. She sat on the back burner this past year, but I’ve already started preparing my second draft of her to get her done by the end of this year!
  3. WRITE THE FIRST DRAFT OF 3 NOVELS: Ambitious, I know, but I’m okay with that. One of these includes the sequel to Pirate Eyes. Another is a dystopian novel I outlined a few years back and already have four chapters written. The last is a new novel idea that is planned as part of a portal fantasy series.
  4. OPTION A SCRIPT: I’ve written many screenplays, and one of my greatest goals is to finally sell one to a producer. The one I have in mind is The Glass Slippers, a dark adaptation of Cinderella that is set in 18th century France. Our heroine is a thief trying to survive the repercussions of being orphaned in an impoverished society.
  5. FINISH DRAFTS OF TWO SCRIPTS: On top of The Glass Slippers, I have two scripts that are close to completion. One is a family drama, the other a thriller. The latter made it to the quarter-finals in two separate competitions and I received much positive feedback on it. I’m excited to finally get her done right 🙂
  6. WRITE THE FIRST DRAFT OF TWO SCRIPTS: I have a fantasy and a drama in mind and both have me extremely excited. I really do hope to have the time to work them out, but this goal is the least important.

On top of these goals (which are totally attainable, right?), I also plan to clean up my blog, finally learn to play the violin, keep a daily journal, stay up to date with my bullet journal, join a Yoga or Pilates class, and take archery lessons.

I might be overestimating the amount I can accomplish in a year, but I’m ready to push myself and start living the life I want to live!

What are your resolutions for the new year? Share in the comments and let’s get talking Whatever they may be, may they be the stepping stones you need to lead you to happiness. 

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith quill-ink

26 thoughts on “2017 Goals & Resolutions!

  1. Holy mother of the writing gods. All of these goals… You’re really ambitious, Faith. I’d be happy if I managed to finish Draft #1 of The Novella and Draft #4 of TKC this year – and it’s not for lack of motivation. :S

    Anyways, I’m sure you’ll reach a number of those goals this year. So I look forward to seeing your progress toward them. Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perhaps overambitious is the better word 😅 I was lying in bed last night, wondering what possessed me to set these goals, but I really want this to be the year I prove what I can do to myself.
      Best of luck with your two drafts. You’ve proven your motivation many times over; I would never think you’re lacking in it. I think I’m just lacking realistic thinking 😜
      Thanks as ever for your support, my dear! Stay well ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your goals sound FANTASTIC and I hope you have a good time completing them all!! Yayyy for so many first drafts! I always feel like getting the first draft out of the way is the best part, because then you can get down to making it wonderful with edits/rewrites. EEEEEP. SO GOOD. And also I want to read more diverse books this year too! I didn’t make it like an active goal on my lists or anything, but it’s definitely a goal in the back of my mind. I think 60% of my reads in 2016 were diverse?? I definitely want to increase that.😍
    Good luck with the publishing too. So exciting!😱🎉🎉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re too kind! 😊 60% is already a great number! It’s something I meant to pay more attention to last year, but my reads just didn’t reflect it.
      The first drafts are always such fun! Definitely one of my favourite parts of the writing process.
      Stay well, my dear!


  3. I should probably write down my writing goals for the year somewhere. You’d better find a producer who will secure international distribution for you, so that I can go see your movie 😛 Seriously, though, good luck with everything!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Emily! You’re so kind to me and your encouragement is a real blessing! And best of luck with your goals this year! Maybe with a bit of perseverance and luck we can succeed! ❤️


  4. Good luck with your goals. I can only do the reading this year but I really want to write too!! 🙂 Maybe in the future! 😀

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