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It’s the Day! Eléonore (An Iníonaofa Novella) has Launched!

Happy Sunday friends 🙂

Today was the release date for Eléonore! I can still hardly believe that she’s finally published and out in the world.

It’s been such a crazy rush leading up to today! I’m planning to share my self-publishing journey with you.

I spoke a bit about it today during the weekly #storycrafter chat on twitter which Faye (@Writerology) was kind enough to let me co-host!

It was such fun to interact and engage with the writing community. If ever you’re free on Sundays at 3PM EST, you should definitely check it out!

I just want to extend my gratitude again to all of you who have supported me. I feel like Eléonore has been the product of a few years of work, and yet she was only conceived in August! I have many of you to thank for inspiring me to this moment.

My goal was to be published before my 26th bday. And it is a goal achieved! Today’s release was an early birthday gift from past me to tomorrow me!

I just want to take this moment now to say to you friends: I hope that you continue to pursue your dreams. Don’t let anyone stand in your way. Especially yourself. I shared these thoughts today during the chat:

Don’t reject yourselves, friends! Believe in yourself and trust that you’ll know when the time is right for you to share your story with the world.

If you’re interested in urban fantasy, I hope you check out this little novella. But let me give you a piece of advice. If you prefer a paperback copy like myself, wait until it releases mid-December (if you do, you’ll get the ebook free!) If you prefer the ebook though, here’s the Amazon. com link: Eléonore (An Iníonaofa Novella)

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,




Pre-Order Eléonore (An Iníonaofa Novella)!

Happy Tuesday friends,

It’s official! Eléonore is up for pre-order as an e-book on Amazon! Here’s the link:

Eléonore (An Iníonaofa Novella)

If you’re like me and prefer paperback over kindle, you won’t have long to wait. The paperback should be up for purchase mid-December! I’ll keep you posted 😉


Eléonore Dormant’s life is a precarious balancing act: librarian by day, demon hunter by night and single mother around the clock. Each day brings its challenges and she brings her A-game. It helps that coffee and a bottle of painkillers are always in supply.

For six years, she’s protected the streets of Montreal from all manner of demons and the consequent evil that they would wreak on her city. But even a resumé like hers isn’t enough to prepare her for the unforeseen night when she becomes the hunted.

A sorcerer, an enigmatic Elder, has placed a hefty bounty on her head and the demons are eager to claim the reward for her capture. They bear down on her, disrupting her mode de vie and endangering her son’s life all in one fell swoop. But Eléonore is ready to fight whatever Hell deigns to send her way to save him. The path she pursues will lead her to new places and old faces.

One thing is certain, Eléonore’s about to get into a whole hellhole of trouble.

You can also find Eléonore on Goodreads as per this link!

As we build up to the release, look out for excerpts and other teasers! I can’t wait to share this with all of you! 💗

Hope you’re all having a lovely week! Thank you all for the support you’ve bestowed on me! You are amazing and I am forever grateful!

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith quill-ink

Eléonore: An Iníonaofa Novella | Cover Reveal

Happy Sunday Friends,

Hope you’ve been enjoying a lovely weekend. I know mine’s been a bit hectic, but in the best of ways.

After days of teasing, I am glad to finally be able to reveal and share with you all the cover for my debut urban fantasy novella. I never imagined anything quite like it, and all thanks has to go to my cover designer: Ana Grigori-Voicu! She’s done such an amazing job and I am beyond grateful for her hard work! You should check out her website here! She’s very talented 💕

Now onto the cover reveal…






We’re almost there….


Eleonore ebook.jpg


Isn’t she lovely???

Eléonore: An Iníonaofa Novella releases next week (December 4th)! If all goes well, she’ll be up for pre-order today. I’ll keep you posted. 😊

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone. Take time to rest and relax, maybe curl up with a good book or spend time with those you love.

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith   quill-ink

Eléonore Release Date and ARCs!

Happy Tuesday friends!

I’m changing up my normal posts this week to bring you a very special announcement. I have set a release date for Eléonore.


That’s right. A little less than two weeks. But everything’s come together so very well and I can’t hold back any longer. Plus, it will be like an early birthday present for me.

It still feels wholly surreal to me. I can’t believe that I’ll finally be published. Like many of you, it’s been a dream a long time in the making. To see it finally realized… well, I’m actually tearing up thinking about it, so that’s what it means to me 💗

tv the office emotional jenna fischer moved

But enough about me! Because today’s post is also about you. My readers. My friends. You have been a great support and encouragement for me through this past year and I am grateful for every kind word and gesture that has kept me moving in this direction. With American Thanksgiving drawing near, I feel it apropos to express the gratitude I have for each of you. I am blessed. Truly blessed.

If everything works well, I will have Eléonore up for pre-order by the end of the weekend. It will only be available as an e-book to start, with the paperback going up for sale later in the month.

Before wrapping up this post, I also want to say that I’m offering Advance Reader Copies for my novella. If you’re at all interested in getting a copy now in exchange for an honest review, feel free to leave a comment below or DM me on twitter (faith_therivens) or send me an e-mail at faithrivens.writer(at)gmail.com. I’ll be sending those out by Friday latest.

Here’s the blurb again:


Okay, I think that’s it for today’s post. Thank you again for sharing this journey with me friends. And keep your eyes peeled for the cover reveal 🙂

I hope you all had a lovely week and that this one is just as wonderful. Let me know what you’ve been up to or what you’re hoping to accomplish. I’m here for you, cheering you on towards every goal.

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith quill-ink