RAVEN’S CRY | dana fraedrich

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It’s been a tough week here at home but today I’m making a bit of time to share a book review with you!

Raven’s Cry – Dana Fraedrich



A dark retelling of Swan Lake ~ Calandra is happiest when she’s surrounded by quiet, joined only by a book and a cup of tea, never around people and their insufferable need to make small talk. When Nicodemus, a magus with immense power, joins the royal court of Invarnis, Calandra’s life will change forever. As a terrible curse pursues her through the centuries, Calandra will have to overcome captivity, war, and loss.

In this standalone installment, set in Dana Fraedrich’s Broken Gears universe, readers will join Calandra in her battle for freedom, hope, and healing. 


Having previously read the first book in Dana’s Broken Gears series I was excited for the chance to see the world that existed before. This book works as a stand-alone but if you’ve read her other series you’ll recognize some names 🙂

Calandra was an excellent protagonist for this story with a strong voice and arc. My biggest issue was with the start of the story which unravels quickly but lacks some grounding in the relationship. But by the time the plot kicks into gear, all that is forgotten.

Dana knows how to craft a fast-paced story that is gripping and creates intriguing characters we feel connected to as readers.

I won’t say too much about the plot as there’s a twist that left me quite surprised and it certainly didn’t end the way I expected. Which is definitely not a bad thing.

Dana excels in many of these story elements but the biggest standout for me is her world building. She knows how to draw a reader into the pages and her steampunk universe.

You want to read this one friends. A fresh and gritty retelling of Swan Lake!

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