This Month in Review | February 2017

Happy Wednesday friends!

Today begins a new month and I don’t know about you, but I’m personally relieved that February is being left behind. It was a difficult one on my end and I’m hoping that March proves a more productive month and a happier one.


  1. Read 5-6 books
  2. Watch 4 movies
  3. Read 1 nonfiction
  4. Write first draft of Eléonore‘s sequel
  5. Write high fantasy screenplay to first draft
  6. Edit family drama screenplay to final draft
  7. Edit Pirate Eyes to beta draft
  8. Learn to play the violin


  1. Read 10 books! If you check out my WWW Wednesday posts, you’ll be able to find out more, but I’ll share here my top read with you: A CONJURING OF LIGHT!!! …… Bet you didn’t see that coming 😉
  2. Watched 6 movies! Lost in Translation – The Royal Tenenbaums – Inside Out – O Brother, Where Are Thou? – Hidden Figures – Bridget Jones’ Diary. I was going to rank them, but honestly I loved them all. If I had to choose a favourite, though, it would have to be LOST IN TRANSLATION
  3. I actually managed to finish Under the Black Flag from last month and read Big Magic  as well!
  4. Well, Heralding was at least started… I’m sitting on 23,000 words right now, which is decent, but definitely not where I wanted to be…
  5. I got to 20 pages. Which is deplorable. We’re not going to talk about it.
  6. Didn’t even touch it.
  7. Didn’t even touch it.
  8. Oh hey, didn’t even touch it ;P

Don’t we love how accomplished I was this month!


  1. Read 4-5 books.
  2. Read 1 nonfiction
  3. Watch 5 movies (I’m upping the challenge this month)
  4. Polish draft of Heritage (my 2015 NaNoWriMo which is currently entered in #PitchMadness and I’m just making sure she’s absolutely ready for agents round — in case I make it to that round)
  5. Polish draft of The Glass Slippers (there are quite a few script competitions coming up and I really want to have this Cinderella adaptation ready to circulate!)
  6. Finish first draft of Heralding (if I crank out about 15k a week, I should be there – it’ll put her above 80k and right now that seems like a good length for a first draft)
  7. Practice the violin – I’m serious about this one this month and I’ve set time for practice!
  8. Start final edits on Pirate Eyes – because she needs to be in at least an agent’s hand before this year is done!

A little less ambitious than last month I think ;P How was February for you, friends? What did you accomplish? What are your goals and plans for March?

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith  quill-ink


16 thoughts on “This Month in Review | February 2017

  1. I hope March will be better for you! And I haven’t gotten a copy of ACOL yet because I need to focus on my ARCs first, but it is REALLY hard to resist temptation. I’m so glad the ending lives up to the rest of the series!

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  2. You still managed to achieve at least half of your goals so that is still good:-) I hope that March will be good to you and that you will achieve all your goals, especially the writing ones.

    Have a wonderful new month ❤

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  3. I’m eagerly awaiting the pirate eyes beta copy LOL. Also, did you like O Brother where art thou? I saw it forever ago so long I can’t remember when. What did you think? Hm, I wonder if I should do these goals posts. Idk I’d probably stick to one goal and that’s it.

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    1. Soon, my dear! I promise 😉
      I really did enjoy O Brother, except I felt that the female presence was set too much to the side. Otherwise, it was amazing for its unique storytelling.
      If you do decide to share a goal post, I’d be excited to check it out 🙂

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  4. You know what I like to say: Progress is always progress. 😉 I’m curious, though. Do you think your priorities / amount of time spent on writing would change if you listed them higher?

    February was… OK. Probably better than I feel or think it was, but I’ve been having some confidence issues lately with my writing. I think it boils down to me worrying over beta feedback for TKC before it comes in, and hyper-focusing on the changes / weaknesses and losing sight of any strengths. (It doesn’t help that I’ve been dealing with stress unrelated to writing, too.) So… yeah. :/

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    1. You’re right, my dear 🙂 And that is interesting. I think I’ll try that out next month. I always know that my writing is my priority, but I really need that reading at night ;P
      Sorry that February hasn’t been a good month for you either. I definitely get the stress beyond writing interfering with the confidence. That’s what I blame for February’s lackluster development…
      I hope you can find your confidence again, Sara, and believe in your story. From snippets I’ve seen and the posts you’ve put up, I’ve gotten only the sense that you’ve created something wonderful and I am excited for my chance to discover it in time.
      Stay positive, my dear! And here’s to a happier March ❤

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      1. But I would never tell you explicitly what changes you should or shouldn’t make to your routine. Do what you think is best – because only YOU know what works best for you. 😉

        Oh, and I also like to read at night. It’s part of how I wind down before I go to bed. 🙂

        Thanks for your compliments and well wishes, btw. I’m working on the confidence bit. It seems to be a day-to-day thing, and today is a good day. But I think I’ll feel better 1) as I work through my personal issues (which I’ll explain in a blog post soon), 2) once the beta-reader stage for TKC is done, and 3) when spring is here. In the meantime, I’m doing my best.

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