This Month in Review | January 2017

Happy Monday friends,

Instead of my usual Week in Review, I’m doing a review of my success of this month — and my lesser successes. 😉


  1. Read 5 books
  2. Watch 4 movies
  3. Read 1 nonfiction
  4. Edit first draft of Heritage
  5. Type up edits for Pirate Eyes
  6. Edit final draft of my screenplay: The Glass Slippers


  1. I read 10 books so that’s a big success. It’s hard to decide on a favourite. It will have to be a toss up between A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and Vicious by V.E. Schwab!
  2. I watched about 10 movies this month and binged 3 TV series. I’m planning a separate post for those later this week, but highlights were Rogue One, La La Land and The OA!
  3. I’m halfway through Under the Black Flag by David Cordingly. It’s not for lack of interest. It’s actually a great book on pirates and an invaluable resource for me, I just haven’t set aside the proper time. I might still make it though…
  4. This was accomplished early in the month and I am excited to *fingers crossed* have this one set to the publishers by June 🙂
  5. I should be finished typing up those edits today. Then I’m starting with fresh eyes later in February on a full edit before sending off to beta readers…!
  6. I finally managed to finish a draft on January 25th. I’ve since gotten some feedback for it – which was mostly positive – so I’ll have to make a few more edits. But I have time. The first competition deadline is set for February 17th. I’ll hopefully finish up corrections by Friday.


  1. Read 5 books
  2. Read 1 nonfiction
  3. Watch 4 movies
  4. Write first draft of Eléonore‘s sequel
  5. Write high fantasy screenplay to first draft
  6. Edit family drama screenplay to final draft
  7. Edit Pirate Eyes to beta draft
  8. Learn to play the violin

Yay for overambitious goals! Bring on the shortest month of the year 😉

What did you accomplish in January? What are your goals for February? Don’t forget that you can join in this month on Twitter and Instagram with my monthly challenge of #FictFBFeb17!

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith quill-ink

17 thoughts on “This Month in Review | January 2017

  1. Oh wow,seeks like January was a great month for you.You went way over your targets especially for books and films.This is the second time that ive seen OA been mentioned today.I need to watch it soon.Have a wonderful February and all the best with your goals.

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  2. You had a busy January!! I think I only got to watch 1 movie last month and I’m still not sure how many books I managed to finish. Haha. But anyway, good luck to your new goals and with your writing! 😀

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  3. Holy… how in the world did you manage to do all of that, Faith??

    As for my accomplishments… I managed 9600+ words for The Novella this month – and considering my “slow writing speed” and the limited writing time I have, that’s not too shabby. I also finished reading three books (though one was a DNF) and started a fourth, and overall January was a “meh” month reading-wise. Hopefully February’s book choices will bring me out of that slump.

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    1. I’ll tell you Sara… I have a time-turner… Shh! 😉
      The truth is I don’t really have a life outside of my books and writing and work. 😳
      I hope February is a better month for you, my dear. And congratulations with an amazing word count this month! 💗

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  4. I’m about to go search out Under the Black flag. Sounds intriguing. I think you’ve mentioned it before. Also, I’m finding writing about pirates in the YA genre more difficult because they are realistically so violent, it’s hard for me to figure out a balance, and what is appropriate for a teenager to read, even by today’s standards, as I wouldn’t let me kid read half the stuff they put out for teens psh 🙂

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