Rage and Ruin | Katie Roman

Hi Friends,

Here’s a very brief review for you. I hope to have another up later.

Thank you to NetGalley and Katie Roman Books for this ARC.



Bridget O’Malley’s temper has always been trouble. It’s made her the black sheep of the family, cost her customers at her bar, and ruined relationships, but it has never put her life in danger. That is until she tries to rescue her cousin from a demon summoning cult. In picking a fight with one of Chicago’s most powerful witches, Bridget finds her bar being picketed, her witch’s license suspended, and demons on her trail. Annoyed and afraid Bridget uses the only weapon at her disposal to get her life back to normal: her temper.




I was enticed to read this one because of the premise, but the promise of an adventure unfortunately fell flat.

It was not a terrible read, but the stakes never felt high enough to care and the characters didn’t have any real motivation to sympathize with.

Ultimately, there was a lot of telling, not enough showing. Not enough conflict. The potential was there, but never full realized. The shame is all the greater because the glimmers of possibility assure me that Katie Roman is a good writer. And that should not be forgotten.


If you enjoy urban fantasy, you might find it entertaining. Feel free to give it a chance if you wish.


May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

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