Book Review: Eléonore: An Iníonaofa Novella by Faith Rivens

Another review for Eléonore! So glad to see all the love she keeps getting!

Now seems like the perfect opportunity to remind everyone that there’s a giveaway going on for a signed copy of Eléonore:

Thank you for taking the time to read and review! It is much much much appreciated ❤


Title: Eléonore: An Iníonaofa Novella
Author: Faith Rivens
PubDate: December 4, 2016
Pagae count: 149

Firstly, I want to say thank you to the lovely Faith Rivens for giving me an ARC of her book. I was given this a couple of months ago (I think) and was able to finish it a couple of weeks later but wasn’t able to write a review right away because you know, busy with work and all. And I know this review is way way late but I’m writing this anyway because I want everyone to know how much I enjoyed this book.

The story revolves around Eléonore, part-time librarian/part-time demon hunter/full-time mother. Being a demon hunter is a legacy passed down to her by her late father but being a mother to Etienne is a job she chose and loves. When suddenly a bounty is placed on her head and demons start…

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