A Quick Update | 18.10.16

Hi Friends!

I have to apologize for the late post. This week is kind of a crazy one, but all for good reasons. I’ll just get you up to speed…

With Eléonore: I put the final touches on my second draft this past weekend and have sent it out to beta readers! The feedback I get will determine what happens next but I’m hoping for positive responses 🙂

Now, this week I’m putting Eléonore on the backburner and turning to a different project. For the past two months, my sister and I have been working on pre-production of a short film. Well, filming is taking place this Saturday and so this week is going to be a little hectic (to say the least).

For that reason, I’m going to be a little quiet around social media until next Monday. I have my WWW Wednesday post ready to go for tomorrow, but I might not be commenting around.

I’ll be back next week, though, and hopefully with lots of great things to share! Next week will also be the start for me for NaNo prepping my sequel to Pirate Eyes.

Until then, stay well friends and take care!

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith   quill-ink


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