This Week in Review | The Thirty-Second

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Friends!

And Happy Columbus day to my American friends 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and a great week!

I’m in the thick of editing Eléonore right now, and I’m about to have family over for some turkey and mashed potatoes and rice and gravy and stuffing and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie and pecan pie and…. mouths watering yet 😉

But I’m taking a moment first to tell you a bit about how my past week has gone!


Actually, all my big highlights of this week are writing related.

I’ve managed to rewrite two scenes of Eléonore–they were my biggest stresses, so with that done I’m tackling some of the minor changes that need to be made which includes small plot holes and inconsistencies and terrible dialogue 😛

Anyway, I’ve also started to outline two new novels (one is the sequel to Eléonore and one the sequel to Pirate Eyes)! As I’ve been doing this, I have come to a rather big decision…

Friends, I can officially announce that I will be participating in NaNoWriMo 2016! I had so much fun writing Heritage last year and I can’t wait to write another novel this November. I’ve decided on which it will be as well…

Hollow Vows (Book II in the Cerastone Quartet). AKA sequel to Pirate Eyes.

My hope is to finish writing the sequel and start editing it in 2017 while shopping Pirate Eyes around and trying to pick up an agent/publisher. We’ll see where the road takes me, but for now I’m excited to continue Keira’s story 🙂

There’s not much more for me to say, but I’ll leave you with a small excerpt from Eléonore! The opening lines…

There were demons to kill, but first I needed a cup of coffee.
The nearest café offered a variety of frappés, lattés, and mochas, but all I needed was a good strong, dark roast black from my usual Timmie’s. An extra three blocks of walking was worth the bitter brew that steeled my nerves and jolted my brain. One sip was enough to get the juices flowing. Three more and I could feel the anticipating building. Ready and willing to slit some throats.

– Eléonore

One thing I love about writing Eléonore is the setting. Holly really inspired with her Infernal Hunt series in which she masterfully paints an image of Prague. I hope to capture the same sort of realism as Eléonore works her way through the streets of Montreal and Vieux-Québec.

Speaking of Holly, if you are particpating in NaNoWriMo you should really check out her blog series where she talks about prepping for the thirty day challenge. She has such insight to offer. It’s a true gem! The link to the first one can be found here: NaNoWriMo Prep.

How was your week? What projects are you currently embroiled in? Anyone else planning to participate in NaNoWriMo this year? Share your aspirations and achievements in the comments!

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith quill-ink


17 thoughts on “This Week in Review | The Thirty-Second

  1. I’m so excited about your projects! I’m glad editing is going well 😀 Thanks for sharing the links, I’m happy they’re helping you! 😀

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  2. You’re such a brave soul for doing NaNoWriMo. I’ve never done it, mostly because I know I would never reach 50K. My writing schedule is very limited because of work and other things (and, since it’s in November, American Thanksgiving). Good luck with your new project! And I hope you had a good Canadian Thanksgiving!

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    1. Thanks Sara! It was a lovely occasion! I used to never be able to do it. School was a headache to work around. I had to really apply myself last year and learned to work around my schedule. But I have a feeling this year might not work as well because my load is a little more overbearing… Ah well 😉

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  3. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I hope you had a good time. 🙂
    I applaud you for venturing to do NaNoWriMo. I’m not sure if I could finish an entire book in one month. It sounds quite overwhelming. Though I may make my own smaller goal, like the equivalent of half of a book. I’ve never tried NaNo so I’m not sure how all it works. Can you set smaller goals, like 10,000 words, on NaNo?

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    1. Usually in April and July they host something called Camp NaNoWriMo where the purpose is for people to decide what their monthly goal (whether writing or editing or researching). NaNoWriMo in November has a determined challenge of 50k,and the only way to ‘win’ is to accomplish it, but there’s nothing that should stop you from setting your own goal and hitting 10k for yourself 🙂

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  4. Hollow Vows is a great title ❤ And the excerpt was fantastic!! I love your character already 😀
    I'm excited that you're doing NaNo, it'll be so much more fun with some friends on board my sinking ship 🙂
    I hope you had a lovely thanksgiving! We don't celebrate it over here but I could happily eat any of those things any day! My Christmas dinner looks quite similar.
    Good luck with the edit! *waves pom poms* You can do it!!

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    1. Thanks Sarina! I’m glad that the title Hollow Vows is resonating with people. And that you enjoyed the excerpt 🙂
      NaNo is going to be epic this year, I can just tell, because last year I was just getting started on my blog and only knew one other person doing it. Now I know so many! Definitely makes the experience a special one ❤

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  5. Love the title!!! It’s absolutely fantastic, as was the excerpt. I cannot wait to get my grubby little hands on this!
    A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you! It sounded delicious 😀 Good luck with all you have going on. I know you can do it!!

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