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Happy Friday everyone!

So today begins a new series of post that I’m calling Faith’s Fiddle Friday! And it’s something I’m rather excited about.

In a recent post, I mentioned that I impulsively bought a violin in that after months–perhaps years–of saying that I wanted to learn to play, I finally decided to make it happen and ordered a violin. My biggest motivation was from my NaNoWriMo novel: Heritage. Peggie, my MC, is a fiddler and I really want to bring a realism to her art.

That was well over a month ago and if I’m to be honest, it really hasn’t seen much light since then. The reason for it. Well, firstly I haven’t made the time. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately, and I haven’t been able to fit it into my schedule.

The other reason? Well, a few days after I bought it, I broke a string trying to tune it. Yep. It was a rather bizarre moment when, as I was turning the knob to find the right pitch on my D-string, I could feel it tightening and just knew that too much would snap it. And yet I turned it that one more time anyway and —


So what happened? Well, that big and ugly ‘S’ word: I got scared. I was suddenly faced with an obstacle. Not only was I struggling to tune my violin, but I was now faced with the added task of having to restring said violin. And I was afraid of the task and decided that I didn’t want to deal with the stress of it and so I placed it in its case and left it there. Until this past Sunday.

I don’t know what inspired me. I think it was a need to accomplish something. And so, with a sense of determination, I took a new D string and my violin and pulled up a few YouTube videos and after half an hour, I had this…


That’s right! I restrung my violin all on my own. And not just that. I also managed to tune it! And after that, I was in love. I continued to watch some videos and learned how to properly hold both my violin and my bow!


IMG_0364.JPG    IMG_0365.JPG

It was a great two hours of learning basics and making noise that just barely resembled the sound a violin should make. It was a start, and I expect it will be a long journey to where I want to go, but I’m ready for it 😀

And so I invite you to follow me along the path of learning.

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,


15 thoughts on “Faith’s Fiddling Fridays | The First

    1. Thank you 😀
      I bought my sister a ukulele a few years back but she hasn’t really picked it up either 😉 I almost tried myself, but I’ll stick with the violin for now!


  1. I can’t play any instruments (I learnt to play the drums many moons ago) but you inspire me to learn the piano ❤ Maybe one day (when I have money) I will ^-^
    I love violin music, it's beyond beautiful when played by the right person. I'll have to hear you play some time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good luck turning to the piano when you get the chance! It’s a beautiful instrument. My sister plays it; I think she’s rather brilliant at it 😀 I love accompanying her with my guitar but I hope that I’ll be able to play the violin with her one day!


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