This Week in Review | The Twenty-Sixth

Hi all.

Usually this post comes on Mondays, but yesterday I went on an excursion to Vieux-Quebec, which I’ll be posting about Thursday. It was a lovely day spent with my two favourite people 🙂

So, one day late, here’s how my week went in the briefest words.

Not well.

No, that’s a lie. It was a fine week, just a lot of it was spent doing work more than anything else so that my writing time was cut very, very short. But that’s okay. It’s just about some realigning, figuring out what to do with life. But I’m dealing.

Meanwhile, in #PitchWars territory, I’ve come to the understanding that I’m not going to get anywhere with Pirate Eyes for this competition. And that’s fine. Really, it is. I tried and I can’t fault myself for that. My sister is helping me do one final edit and then I’ll be submitting my MS to some literary agents looking for an epic fantasy novel. I’m not rushing with this story, because it deserves to be its best and if it’s not there yet, then I’m willing to wait for it ;P

In the meantime, I’m trying to make time to do edit through my screenplay and those two other projects I’ve alluded to in the past. But Pirate Eyes is my main focus at the moment. And until it’s ready, I don’t have much time to divide for any other writing endeavours.

In the meantime, here’s a little excerpt from Chapter One of Pirate Eyes.

Purple eyes stared out at the ocean and the endless horizons it promised and saw possibility. Seated astride the maidenhead of the Diamond Heart, Keira watched it appear in the form of a ship cresting the waves in the distance.

A thrill of excitement surged through her. No voice shouted out the sighting, though she knew that Roephus held watch overhead in the crow’s nest. It would be some time before he became aware of it; she alone could boast the far-sightedness that allowed her to note the shape in the distance. The beckoning horizons had always held her regard and her heart. She was always watching, always waiting for her chance. This ship passing through her vision was an opportunity, come to her as if she had summoned it from the salty sea air.

How was your weekend? How are your projects coming? Keep striving for those dreams. They are within your grasp as long as you believe in yourself ❤

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith    quill-ink

7 thoughts on “This Week in Review | The Twenty-Sixth

  1. Don’t worry about PitchWars not working out this week. Great things hardly ever work the first time around! I think you have a very commendable attitude towards it – it deserves to be its best, and great things take time! Good luck with your submissions. I’ve no doubt whatsoever that it’ll happen for you ^-^

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