This Week in Review | The Twenty-Third

Good Monday everyone.

It’s been a week since my last post. It’s just where I’ve been in this past week, struggling to find the ground to stand on. But I’m still on my feet. So there’s that! And besides the small setbacks that I’ve been facing, I’ve actually accomplished quite a bit this past week…

In Writing:

The biggest news in this regards is that I’ve decided to submit to #PitchWars, another twitter based contest where winners are going to be mentored by other authors in the hopes of securing a literary agent after a few months of editing. In preparation, I’ve read through the first few chapters of Pirate Eyes and determined that the first chapter still wasn’t an adequate introduction to the manuscript. So I rewrote it. Yep! Started from scratch and rewrote it. And I’m kind of in love with the new one. I think Keira gets to show more of her spunk and there’s a lot more action than the previous versions had. Also, it saves me 3k in words, which is incredible! I recently confided in Sara after she shared her own successful editing sessions that my last attempt to bring down the length of manuscript ended up adding to it instead. So this is a victory for me 🙂

Right before posting this, I also managed to finish a decent draft of my screenplay. It’s been a long time coming and I am really proud of where I am with it. I’m hoping to finish off a pretty final draft before August 15th and have it circulating the contests.

All this writing meant slipping away from social media. I’ll be spending tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday to catch up.

In Entertainment:


I actually managed to watch a movie with my sister this week. Friday night we sat down in our family room and put on Belle, directed by Amma Assante and starring Gugu  Mbatha-Raw. And what a beautiful film it is. It’s not your typical period romance with quieter moments and less melodrama. The narrative is based off the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle born to an African slave and a naval officer. She would eventually be raised by her uncle, Earl of Mansfield, who was involved in the ruling of cases that would bolster the abolitionist movement. Assante takes some liberties, but she does a fantastic job of capturing Belle’s social predicament, caught between layers of society, not fitting perfectly into any circle.


A little side note that got me real giddy. I posted this Friday night after watching it:

And then woke up Saturday morning to find that Amma Assante had liked it and retweeted it 🙂

Just solidifies that she is completely awesome!

In Life:

Ending on a positive note. It’s been a hard week but I’ve had small successes anyway. And there have been lovely moments.

In particular, Wednesday proved to be a beautiful day. My sister and I went out to lunch with my mother and our maternal grandmother. We had fish and chips by the river and then indulged in some ice cream. We cried a little, laughed a lot. It was one of those times when life’s interjection into my writing is welcome because it leads to wonderful opportunities to share time with my family. I look forward to more like it.

How are your projects coming this week? Have you watched any good films lately? Spent any time with family? Share the highlights of your week in the comments!

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith    quill-ink

4 thoughts on “This Week in Review | The Twenty-Third

  1. Oh, yay! I’m glad you have a new first chapter for Pirate Eyes that you’re much happier with, Faith. And good luck with Pitch Wars! Is this your first time participating in it? Have you drafted any pitches yet?

    Hope things on the real-life side go more smoothly this week than they did last week. But you have the right attitude going forward: taking the negatives with the positives, and being grateful for the things that bring you joy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You don’t need to apologise for falling behind on social media, we’ve all been there 🙂 Look at me playing catch up now!
    Your time with your family sounds so precious ❤ I'm happy for you that you got to have that day with them.


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