20 Things About Me | Tuesday Tag Catch-Up

Hi all!

I’m terrible with tags. This truth has been long ago determined. I think I might have missed quite a few, truth be told, but I’m trying not to let that stand! Trying being our key word here, of course 😉

Anyways… Holly tagged me a while back for this and I’ve finally gotten around to it. The task: share 20 things about yourself. Easier said then done.

You can check out here original post here! And I recommend you just hang around her blog for a bit and discover how amazing she is!

So here goes, in reverse order, organized by like things, 20 things about me 🙂

Some of my favourite things…

20. I am big fan of seafood and fish! My mom makes a delicious meal with mussels and cream sauce that I absolutely adore! And if a restaurant is serving calamari, you can be sure some of it will end up on my plate! Fish ‘n’ chips are my usual go-to meals when I’m out as well.

19. My colour is blue. It’s been my colour for a long time. And it hasn’t changed. Just take a look at my room:File 2016-06-24, 9 54 24 AM.jpeg

18. One of my greatest fascinations and loves is mythology. And fascination might just be a kinder word for ‘obsession’…

File 2016-06-24, 10 03 57 AM.jpeg

17. History is another one of my fascinations. I’ve studied so many periods in time, so many civilizations and each one is fascinating!  I have a B.A. in History but I’m hoping to get a Masters one day! Of particular interest to me are the Tudors’ reign over Britain and les filles du roi in New France. The Enlightenment is also one of my favourite movements to study!

16. Whenever I’m sad, there are three movies I can always turn to to turn my frown upside down: Beauty and the Beast, The Princess Bride and Anastasia.

15. The ten most played songs on my iTunes are (ascending): Chandelier by Sia, Girl in the War by Josh Ritter, Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran, Medicine by Daughter, Sea of Lovers by Christina Perri, At the Beginning by Richard Marx & Donna Lewis, Take Me to Church by Hozier, The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd, Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde & Lost Stars by Adam Levine.

My Past Self…

14. wrote the script of, composed the music & lyrics for, and directed a Christmas musical, performed by the children at her Parish.

13. tried to balance on a tennis ball at the age of 6, just like an elephant at a circus, and broke her tibia.

12. once lost 16 hours of a day playing Pokemon Silver on her Gameboy. The Gameboy was laid to rest the next day.

11. then lost a good 16 hours of a day a few years later playing God. The Sims was subsequently laid to rest beside the Gameboy in the Graveyard of Gripping Games.

10. used to make fan videos on YouTube, mostly of Disney films, and wrote tons of fanfiction, also mostly of Disney films. But she wasn’t obsessed. She also lived by the Nile.

My Present Self…

9. still lives at home with her parents and sister. I am especially blessed for my sister. She’s my rock, my wisdom, my reason. She keeps me sane. She’s the reason I believe in love. I also have the four most beautiful cats. They were watching a squirrel disappear at this moment…


8. eats apple cinnamon oatmeal every morning for breakfast. And loves it!

7. is the choir director at her Parish and plays guitar there every Sunday.

6. just made the most impulsive buy of her life. EEK! More to come in a post next Monday!

Random Reveals…

5. I have my learner’s permit (and have had it for the past 8 years) but I am afraid to drive. My worse fear is that a car will be a weapon in my hand. I am frightened of its power, frightened that I could kill someone (creature or human) even accidentally. I have to get over it.

4. I am twenty-five years old and I have never been on a date. I have never had a boyfriend (unless you count the ones in my head). It’s one of those reasons why I believe I might never marry…

Okay, these are becoming a little depressing. Time for more uplifting tunes!

3. I am a loud & proud shower singer. I also love singing while I excerise, mostly show tunes that I can’t pull off at all! I’m also the person who walks down the streets of town with her headphones in and dances and sings along like no one’s watching (even though they are). This might explain point no. 4….

2. I do believe that there is more goodness in the world than not. I believe that people’s better natures will always speak out against their worst. I believe that, though we face struggles and obstacles, there is enough love in the world and that, if it came to it, we would be able to protect it from the threat of hatred, fear and oppression.


1.  I figure it’s been long enough. Thanks Holly for the opportunity! This is me:


I hope I haven’t scared you away with these truths 😛

I know many of you were tagged by Holly to do this, but if you haven’t done this tag and you would like to share 20 facts about yourself, please feel free to! Just share the link in the comments so I can check it out 🙂

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith quill-ink

17 thoughts on “20 Things About Me | Tuesday Tag Catch-Up

  1. I love take me to church by Hozier! And you have such gorgeous cats, and an amazing attitude towards life! I’m so glad we found each other, you’re a wonderful person 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this post. Feels like I know you better. I am a shower singer too and I really like what you wrote on the number 2. As for getting married, oh well I am 32 and still waiting for that to happen and trying to keep positive so cheers to that. Great answers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Diana! I’m not in a rush to tie the knot, it’s just something on the back of my mind 😉 Glad to know I’m not alone!
      Cheers to freedom, I suppose ❤


  3. Wow! So much to respond to here, so I’ll try to be brief…

    I like seafood as well. I’m a little picky about it sometimes (I don’t like anything that smells or tastes strongly fishy), but I love salmon, cod, and haddock. I also had scallops for the first time in a while recently, and they were yummy. And CRAB MEAT. I love crab cakes, and recently had a crab melt sandwich (crab meat mixed with onions and celery, then sandwiched between havarti cheese and fresh dill and grilled).

    Don’t feel bad about #4. I’m 31, and while I’ve been on dates, I’ve never had a steady boyfriend. But I want to get married one day, and I do my best to keep a positive attitude. The way I see it is, I just haven’t met him yet.

    I don’t sing in the shower, but I often sing in the car. Does that count?

    And I love your #2. 🙂

    Thanks for giving us this chance to get to know you a little more, Faith!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Sara! Haddock is definitely one of my favourite fish! I haven’t had enough crab cakes, but I keep meaning to try a recipe I have saved…and suddenly I’m salivating ;P
      That’s a great perspective. I try to remember that all the time; the other thing that I have to remember is that I can’t wait for him to find me 😉
      Singing anywhere always counts. There are stories in our hearts and there are songs as well. They deserve to be shared 🙂
      Thanks again for stopping by! Your support means a lot to me. I’m blessed to know you ❤
      Have a beautiful day 🙂

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  4. It’s so nice to finally have a face to go with your name! You’re so pretty, Faith! And not having had a boyfriend by 25 means nothing – my SO was 25 when he met me and I was his first girlfriend, too. Now he can’t get rid of me ^^ It doesn’t matter how long it takes, only that it’s someone worthy of your time ❤
    I love the picture of your cats spying on that poor squirrel 😀 They must have given him a small heart attack!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re too kind Sarina!! Thanks for your words of encouragement! I’m not really in a rush, those are just some of my insecurities that I have to silence! I’m lucky to have friends who keep my confidence up 🙂


  5. It’s nice to hear more about you, especially since I only started reading your blog recently.
    I didn’t have a boyfriend or been on a date until after my teen years; when I met my current SO. We have stuck together since. I agree with Sarina. I also think it’s better to wait than rush into a relationship and end up regretting it.
    The problem with driving is having to worry about other drivers. You can be the safest driver out there and you’re still at risk of getting into an accident from someone else. There a lot of people who shouldn’t even have a license. That’s why I think having smart cars will benefit many. Accidents will go down and may be gone altogether.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I’m glad that your paths have crossed.
      I’m not trying to rush in, I just need to remind myself that everyone goes through life at their own pace 🙂
      Interesting point on smart cars. There are definitely a lot of factors to consider on the road… Which is another reason for my fear ;P

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Love your answers! We have a lot of the same tastes. 🙂

    Oh my goodness! You’re so pretty! I don’t think I imagined you to look like that, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed! 😉


      1. Hmmm… I think I imagined you a little older. Like maybe almost thirty? (I’m guessing you’re in your mid-twenties?) And I thought you’d have shorter hair that was like light brown or something. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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