Review | The Wisdomfold Path by Kelly Sedinger

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The Wisdomfold Path (The Song of Forgotten Stars Book 2)

Continuing the story begun in STARDANCER, THE WISDOMFOLD PATH is a tale of sisters and brothers, of children and parents, of secrets and history, of lies and truths, of loss and love, of despair and hope…and of a ten-year-old girl rising above herself in ways she never thought possible.

If you missed my review of the first book, you can find it here: STARDANCER.

Wisdomfold Path takes place only a few months after the events set in Stardancer. After embracing their new roles on Xonareth, Tariana and Margeth encounter new friends, new enemies and face a new challenge that tries not only their strength as individuals but as sisters as well.

Just as thrilling as StardancerWisdomfold Path is a great adventure led by two strong protagonists. Unlike its predecessor, the second novel gives Margeth her own perspective, allowing her to tell part of the narrative. As one of my criticisms of the first book was that I wanted more from Margeth, this change was most welcome and a great addition! Kelly does a great job of giving each of the girls their own voice as they each deal with the problems facing the world and their own personal issues. This allows for excellent character development.

The plot builds off scenarios and elements set in the first book, taking ideas introduced and giving them new life. At the same time, interesting themes are also given room to grow. New characters also liven up the pages of the book, most notably members of the Kingsguard: Ubani and Brand. The latter ties into Tariana’s story, coming in-between her developing relationship with Gharanas.

A great adventure story, and a sequel that surpasses its predecessor, Wisdomfold Path sets the stage for the next in the series, one I’ll be waiting for with the greatest of anticipation!



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