Giveaway Winners!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

A week ago, I announced that I had passed 700 followers on Twitter! Well, today I am humbled to say that I am just 30 shy of 900! I can hardly believe it! I am blessed by the support & encouragement of so many people! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

In that time, I’ve also gained another 15 followers on my blog! Welcome new friends. I hope you can finding something among these archives to divert you. I hope even more that future projects may provide insight and inspiration and entertainment!

Now it brings me the greatest pleasure to name the three winners of the giveaway celebrating these small — but important to me — milestones in my social media journey so far 🙂

Congratulations to…..:

Claire from  Art and Soul

Sara from Sara Letourneau Writer

Sarina from Cookie Break

parks and recreation confetti bomb adam scott ben wyatt congratulations

You should definitely explore all three of these lovely ladies’ blogs. They have inspired me a lot. ❤

Thank you to everyone who entered! I am always grateful for your support and encouragement!

And if you didn’t win today, remember that I have another giveaway coming up soon (MAY 23RD)!! Mark your calendars 🙂

Have a beautiful day one & all!

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill.

Faith    quill-ink

9 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners!!

  1. So i totally missed this giveaway announcement. And OMG wow congrats on so many Twitter followers! I can’t find a way to follow your blog by email. My blog reader is kind of packed right now. Trying to separate it into lists, but even then, it’s still packed and I miss people’s posts. I need a favorites list ha. Same with twitter, I never see you 😦

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    1. Thanks! I have the same problem. I make it a point to scroll through my reader, but then I end up forgetting to reply to the actual comments on my post or others which is why I find myself in a situation now of combing through my posts and replying to comments left over a week ago 😛
      Still getting the hang of this blog thing!

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