Thursday Tag Catch-Up | Writer’s Bucket List

Hi all!

I’ve fallen so far behind on these tags, it’s ridiculous. So here’s me trying to catch up 😛

Holly tagged me in this one a while back. Won’t even say how far it goes.  (here’s a link to hers) You should also take a look around her BLOG! Now especially because she has exciting news concerning her new book series that you all need to discover right now! She’s a talented writer & a beautiful person. You’re bound to be inspired.

Now, onto the tag 🙂

Let’s work our way up to my number one goal. We’ll keep it at six. Cause my real bucket list is closer to one hundred 😉

6 ⁄


This has been something I’ve been working on since I was 17. It’s grown a bit since then, the concept is solid. I have some lyrics written. It would be amazing to realize this goal one day. But I’m also a realist, and a broadway musical is no easy feat. We’ll see where this goes.

5 ⁄


This is another one that I’ve been working on. There’s a trend so far isn’t there! I love Disney movies (Beauty and the Beast & The Lion King are among my top 25 favourite movies of all time!) and want to create something that can touch hearts like those have touched mine. I have the idea for this one with a female protagonist and some song titles, though not the lyrics yet. It’s still an idea, but one I hope to accomplish — I think it’ll be an easier achievement than number 5 at any rate.

4 ⁄


Here’s a fun fact I’m not sure I’ve mentioned before. I’ve written and directed a short film with my sister. It was a week’s experience that was enlightening and inspiring. And while I don’t have the directing bug per se, I do hope to one day direct one of my screenplays. I have a few that I’m writing at the moment, and I’ll be shipping them off soon in hope of representation, but there’s an idea I have for a High Fantasy film that I would kind of love to film one day. But again, we’ll see.

3 ⁄


I was fortunate. I was born to a family in a country where I could learn to read and write at a young age, where my creativity was fostered and encouraged, where I was allowed to cultivate my imagination and pursue my bliss.

I want to bring the possibility to more people. I want to be able to create safe places where youth can gather and express their creativity. Books are powerful because they broaden our horizons, because they impart knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Everyone should be able to read. That is what drives me towards this goal. It’s a doozy, yes. But it’s also of the utmost importance to me!

2 ⁄


Yep, this is a big one! It’s one my sister and I have been playing with for some time. We know how hard it is for writers to be published and we hope to start a company that can facilitate the spread of more unique novels & movies that are silenced too often. It’s a large dream, but it’s also one that’s very strong in our hearts. We want to embrace voices with stories to tell and not silence them. Hopefully, this one won’t be too long in the making. We’re just waiting for our goose with the golden eggs.

1 ⁄


I was tempted not to include this on the list, because I’m close to publishing the first one. When I say close, I mean I could publish it easily before the end of the year if I wasn’t looking for a literary agent. And I’m considering it. I really am. But I want to see what the reaction is by the industry. If I get enough nos, I’ll say thank you, find a good editor and publish it independent style. In any case, Pirate Eyes marks not only the start of The Cerastone Quartet, but the start of a larger series I’m calling The Shiliarthan Chronicles. I have quite a few novels planned & outlined in this universe. It’s a large undertaking. There’s a lot of mythology to deal with, but I love this world that I’ve created and I hope that people may one day be able to escape to it too!

I know most people have already made their Writer’s Bucket List, but if you haven’t yet, please do and please feel free to share it here. Also, make sure to post it on Twitter if you have an account and include #writersbucketlist in the tweet.

Have a most beautiful day and never stop pursuing your dreams. I believe in you! Why not believe in yourself!

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith  quill-ink

8 thoughts on “Thursday Tag Catch-Up | Writer’s Bucket List

  1. Wow! This is a very ambitious set of goals, Faith, and all admirable and creative ones. I especially like #3. The world needs as many non-profit organizations that encourage reading and writing as possible, so that people don’t lose sight of their value.

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  2. Love this list!! It’s totally an inside picture of who you are as a person, full of stuff I never knew ! It’s so fun to learn more about you. I don’t like doing blog tags I feel like no one reads them anymore, and no one has done my tags that I tag people in (I’m not ragging on you, promise. I completely understand that people are very busy. I never know who to tag because so many people I tag already have a bunch of tags to complete. Or they’re super pro authors who have no time at all for any of this

    However, I’d love to answer these questions. SO here’s the ones I can think of right now, in order of what I want the MOST.

    1. To publish my contemp christian romance series. (like SO BAD I want this to get rolling)
    2. To become a freelance Editor
    3. To write a historical romance series (I actually have one planned out, just have to finish my current series…)
    4. To finish editing and publish my YA Action/adventure series.
    5. To write a screenplay AND / OR turn one of my books into a movie. (which basically means, writing a screenplay for one of my books or series)
    6. To write and direct a play (not a movie, but a play) These last 2 are sort of tied. But I love theater, and I have a tiny bit experience. I’m related to Edward Albee, who was also a playwright and writer. I think it would be fun.
    7. To write ANY historical fiction in general. Particularly centered around the Revolutionary War. There are hundreds of historical fic books on the Civil war but I never read much on the Revolutionary War.
    8. To write biblical fiction. (THIS IS REALLY HARD and probably will not happen for a LONG time


  3. Wow that is an ambitious list but out of all the people I know. You are more than capable! I’d love to write a musical Broadway show and direct a film…can’t believe you have similar ambitions. Hold strong in your desires and you will achieve 🙂


  4. Fantastic list, Faith! I’m excited for you looking for an agent for your novel. I hope you hear good news soon. Either way you choose to publish, you’ve accomplished so much and deserve to celebrate. 🙂


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