The Siblings by A. Morgan | ARC Review

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 The sky has fallen. The world has been left in ruins, with only a few spots still prospering. Jest and Fer, brother and sister, wait out for the world to come to an undignified end. But in the commotion, havoc wreaks. The two are separated, taken on separate journeys by different factions.
Fer, pregnant, taken under the custody of the nefarious Operation, the political leaders of the new world, must fight for release in an attempt to reach her brother.
Jest, beaten and left for dead, is brought to safety by a surreptitious military group that know more of the new world than they are letting on.
The Siblings must persevere and fight through unimaginable obstacles to be reunited before it is too late.


I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC for this novel and I devoured it in one sitting. Yes. One sitting! It’s that good.

The story begins with siblings Jest and Fer on the run from the Operation, a group seeking to exert control over the changing world. Surrounded by destruction, they are hanging on to their love for one another, a bond that is immediately challenged when they are violently separated from each other.

The pace of the story never relents once it has begun. From the moment of their separation to the climatic ending, the narrative grips tightly and refuses to let go. Jest and Fer are sympathetic characters who steal your heart. Unique, they read as real people with real failings and real emotions. As they journey to be reunited once more, they strive against a number of obstacles, most of them human created, and encounter new friends and enemies, characters who resonate on their own. Chief among these are Private Young (a member of the Operation) and Darla (a member of the military group Jest is rescued by). They impact Fer and Jest, but never feel as mere foils, developing their own arcs throughout the story’s progression.

The dystopian society created is one that vividly leaps off the page, a feat accomplished through engrossing description and engaging action. The writing never feels suffocated by lengthy details of settings. Nor does it suffer from vagueness.

While the twists and turns of the plot are stellar, the themes explored are what add even more depth to this story: such as the bond between siblings, questions of survival of the fittest, etc. Together these elements mesh to create a solid story that knows how to balance character development with plot progression, the various threads coming together by the end.

And what an ending it is! It leaves one feeling breathless and itching for the sequel, to know what happens next to these characters that you’ve been called to journey with. That is the mark of a great story!

A thrilling debut, this is one book you don’t want to miss out on.

The Siblings is now available for purchase. You can buy it as a kindle from Amazon. Here’s the link!

You can also find out more about A. Morgan here! And you should.

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