REVIEW | ARC EVO Shift by KJ Chapman

Happy Monday at all!

Typically Monday’s are a time for This Week in Review, but this Monday is dedicated to a specific book I read: EVO Shift, the 2nd book in the EVO Nation series by the supremely talented KJ Chapman. Before I launch into that, here’s a brief recap of my week:

Read: Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay & The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands

Watched: You’ve Got Mail dir. Nora Ephron (starring: Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks)

Okay, onto our review 🙂

Which will be SPOILER FREE!

I was honoured to be offer a chance of an advanced reader’s copy of EVO Shift. After reading the first book, I was entirely enchanted by the world that she weaved. You can check out my review of the first book HERE!

Here’s the official blurb:

She killed him, but did it make a difference?

Her kind has been exposed, abused, and segregated, and now Teddie Leason is Britain’s most wanted EVO at just nineteen. Teddie has to decide whose side she is on, what she fights for, and whether it’s worth her life.

How can she protect the man she adores, the Uncle who has taken her under his wing, and her unfaltering friends, when she can barely take care of herself? Dealing with new power and a history that has long since been forgotten, has rendered the world’s most powerful EVO vulnerable and at risk.

When will she be dealt a winning hand? Could a clandestine, renegade group of EVO change not only her fate, but that of everyone affected by this unprecedented war? And how does Teddie fit in a world bracing for a shift of unfathomable magnitude?

What did I love about this follow-up? What didn’t I love!

KJ is a brilliant author! She writes page-turning scenes filled with action and intrigue. Her characters are vibrant! Her descriptions are vivid! She plots turns and twists that are breathtaking. Unexpected, they follow naturally from scene to scene, each action feeling genuine, not contrived.

Here are some highlights from the novel:

As with EVO NationEVO Shift balances action with thought-provoking themes. The struggle between ordinary extraordinary, the dilemma of torture as a means of interrogation, the question of survival of the fittest. These are just some of the many that jump to mind. She deals deftly with each, using her characters to explore the way in which human beings treat each other and the choices made when fighting to survive.

Characterization is another strength of this novel. Teddie is an empowered protagonist who makes her own decisions and refuses to be made into the pawn that so many seek her to become. She is compelled into action by a sense of justice and a compassion for life and others. The relationships she forms with the people she interacts with are well developed. There is one in particular that follows a wide arc throughout this novel, and the book was enhanced because of it. I won’t say more because, well, spoilers.

Finally, the ending of the book is a testament to the plot charted from the start. A brilliant twist, it solidifies theme and charcterization as well as setting forth the groundwork what will for sure be a stunning conclusion to this series.

A truly enjoyable read, I do recommend that you get your copy of EVO Nation and prepare yourself for the exhilarating ride. Then check out EVO Shift when it gets its release March 1st!

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith   quill-ink

7 thoughts on “REVIEW | ARC EVO Shift by KJ Chapman

  1. I completely concur with all of these points! This was a fantastic review, but it was well-deserved. Kay is an amazing author! She really knows how to grab your interest and hold you captive for the length of her novel.

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  2. Reblogged this on K.J. Chapman and commented:
    Thank you to Faith Rivens for taking the time to read the advanced reader copy of EVO Shift, and for the review. I’m over the moon with the feedback I am receiving. I simply had to reblog this overwhelming review…


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