REVIEW | EVO Nation by KJ Chapman

Good Day One & All,

This review has been a long time coming! And not for reason of lack of inspiration. I’ve just been trying to get a few things organized and wanted to devote the right amount of time and attention to a book that truly deserves it.

Before I start on the actual book, it’s important to speak about the author. KJ Chapman is a fellow blogger on WordPress (you can find her HERE!) She has inspired me with her posts over the past few months, sharing short stories embodied by vivid characters and thrilling plots. I needed no other incentive to buy a copy of Amazon and dive into it.

I have to admit… I’ve never read an ebook before so the experience of reading EVO Nation was a new one. It’s definitely not the way I want to read my books but it didn’t detract from the story being read. I guess I just have a soft spot for a hard copy 😉

But I digress…



EVO Nation is the story of a young girl named Teddie Leason who discovers that she is gifted with a special ability: telekinesis. Her entire world is tossed into chaos within the first few pages of the novel, learning that she belongs to a group of people known as EVOs, evolved humans endowed with certain talents. Pursued and captured by the government, Teddie struggles to embrace the gift that has caused her such trouble. Emboldened by new friends, Teddie strives to stay true to herself amidst the challenge of two warring factions: one hoping to manipulate her powers, and another hoping to subjugate non-EVOs to their will.

EVO Nation is a breathtaking read, written in a prose that flows with such ease. Full of action and emotional impact, the plot grabs the reader from the get-go and refuses to release them until the very final word. And even then, it leaves you craving for the next installment.

The premise and plotting of the book also top-notch, the narrative unfolding organically in a contemporary setting. This was definitely one of the high-points for me. So many YA dystopian novels are set in the future when the world has already been overcome. EVO Nation sets us in the beginning stages of a revolution that could upset the balance and begs the question: will the world we know cease to be?

The characters in this novel are also well-developed and portray such vivid and sympathetic qualities. Teddie is the perfect protagonist, embodied by humanity, struggling with issues that we all face: identity, love, self-worth. She has extraordinary powers, but she herself is ordinary. Strong & fierce in her own right, she is also guided by a humanity that instills her as a role model.

The secondary characters are also personified with unique values and perspectives. Their stories fit well into Teddie’s and compliment her own struggles and fears.

I grew more emotionally attached to these characters and stories than I have in many books I’ve read recently. A brilliant read, each turn and twist kept the story fresh and riveting. The next installment can’t come out soon enough 🙂

A provocative and emotional read, it is a true gem. I highly recommend it to those of you who enjoy novels with strong characters and engaging plots.


May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith   quill-ink

7 thoughts on “REVIEW | EVO Nation by KJ Chapman

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    I just had to reblog this EVO Nation review by Faith over at aliasfaithrivens. It is always an honour to read a great review, and to hear someone loves my characters as much as I do.

    Thank you, Faith.


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