Wordly Wise Wednesday | Amalgamation

Good day one and all!

It’s Wednesday again which means… that’s right! Another new word. Another new story.

Today’s word comes courtesy of the very talented Al. You should definitely check out his blog: hyperactivepandemonium.

This word does present an excellent opportunity to point out one of my pet peeves…that is when a definition uses the very root of the word to describe it. For that reason, I’ve also provided some embellishments

Without further ado…


n. (amal·gam·ation \ə-ˌmal-gə-ˈmā-shən\ )

  1. the action or process of amalgamating/uniting OR the state of being amalgamated (aka united into one thing)
  2. the result of amalgamating :  amalgam (aka an alloy of mercury with another metal that is solid or liquid at room temperature according to the proportion of mercury present and is used especially in making tooth cements OR a mixture of different elements)
  3. merger


1610s: noun of action from archaic amalgam (v.) “to alloy with mercury”.

Figurative, non-chemical sense of “a combining into one uniform whole” is attested from 1775.

Info comes via Merriam Webster Dictionary & etymonline.com

Freya glanced at her reflection for what could be the last time in the mirror, savouring the image that stared back at her. She had never been a vain girl, but she needed to capture the picture of her stringy raven hair and grey eyes, to remember the pudgy cheeks and curved nose, just in case. After this moment, she might never see them again. Neither would anyone else.

They were waiting for her in the windowless room. Some faces she knew, some she didn’t. There was only one that mattered to her.

Delphira caught her gaze, those neon blue eyes billowing with the same resignation in her own. She could see the trepidation in them too; it was another emotion they had in common. Their would be a lot more shared between them after today’s Amalgamation.

Two seats. One for her. One for Delphira. They would both sit. Only one would rise.

Two minds in one body. A new form of warrior. 

It was not death, but true living was about to end for one of them.


May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith  quill-ink

© 2016. Faith Rivens.


11 thoughts on “Wordly Wise Wednesday | Amalgamation

  1. Amazing! You are an excellent writer that allows me to depart into another world and get lost. Thank you for using the word I suggested and love what you did with it. I would love to know much much more on this one.
    You are an inspiration 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! Thank you for the awesome word that inspired this story and a series of shorts. The sequel’s up now 🙂
      You are an inspiration too! Good luck with your story!


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