This Week in Review | The Eighth

Hello all,

I hope you all had a wonderful and productive week 🙂 It was a fairly productive one for me – I’m making good headway in my edits and making time for other discoveries on the side. Here’s how that all shaped up…


  1. EVO Nation by KJ Chapman: Finally! I have been meaning to read
    this for sometime and boy am I glad I did! A brilliantly fast-paced and emotional YA novel, I’ll be posting a review of it soon. For now, all I can say is: you should definitely read it & find out more about the writing genius of KJ here!
  2. Voyager by Diana Gabaldon: I’m just 350 pages into the 3rd volume and I hope to be finished it by next week. My fifth book of the year, it’ll be probably the longest, clocking it at 1,059 pages. So far, I am enjoying it quite a bit. Too early to say, but it might be my favourite of the series!


  1. Sherlock: The Abominable Bride: My family and I had intended to go see it in theatres, but we didn’t get around to it, so we pre-ordered the Blu-Ray which came in Tuesday and watched it Friday night. It was a very interesting episode (Christmas special). The acting was superb, to be expected when your cast is led by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The plot was very topsy-turvy, which is to be expected when your head writer is Steven Moffatt. It’s hard to pick out its faults because it’s Sherlock, so I’ll say it was highly entertaining and enjoyable and wish that it could have been even more awesome than it was.
  2. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: After Rachel Bloom won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy, her acceptance speech marking a struggle to get produced and on air was all that was needed to convince me to give the show a peek. And I can honestly say that I am so happy to have because it’s so wickedly funny and the music is too catchy for its own good. I love a good Musical — at the moment, I’m also watching Galavant, only because it’s a musical set in medieval times and its campiness is infectious. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has far more quality to it. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys musicals and female-led comedies 😉


Lots & lots of music as always. I’ve been compiling a playlist for my Divided Draft which I might be sharing this Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled. Here are three songs that really caught my attention this week:

  1. Lazarus by David Bowie: Does anyone else find that music these days doesn’t convey the artistry it once did. I often find myself overcome by the amount of pop music that sounds like recycled versions of themselves. Hearing Bowie’s latest album reminded me of what true talent is and just increased the sadness to be felt at the passing of such a genius. The lyrics are eerie in their mention of heaven, but gorgeous still. So unique!
  2. I Found by Amber Run: I have to mention this song only because it really speaks to a storyline in Divided Draft just too perfectly. The lyrics are excellent and the long drawn out instrumental works well with a certain moment that I have yet to edit, but will be sure to use then. That’s vague, I know, but otherwise spoilers. You’ll understand one day.
  3. Forever Young by Rhiannon Giddens & Iron & Wine: A cover of Bob Dylan’s song, this was used in the finale for NBC’s Parenthood. One of my favourite shows – I’m a big sucker for family dramas – this song just slayed me with the finale, bringing on quite a waterworks display – I usually don’t get emotional in my viewing experiences so there’s something to be said about that. I recently rediscovered this cover on Spotify and then bought it because it’s gorgeous and it’s Iron & Wine and it’s Rhiannon Giddens. So win win win! Truly inspirational, calming and soothing. You should take a listen to this and Dylan’s original too.

What had your interest this past week? Feel free to share your reads, watches and listens in the comments 🙂

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith   quill-ink

9 thoughts on “This Week in Review | The Eighth

  1. I didn’t know you read Outlander! I LOVE this series and Voyager is definitely, without a doubt my favorite in the series. It’s brilliant. If you ever want to fan girl over the series I’m more than willing. My love of Outlander and the TV show is one of the main reasons I started my Twitter account…okay it’s the only reason I started my account. I had another one but I’d set it up while in graduate as part of a class project…long story short-people who were following me on there started complaining about how much I tweeted and RT about Outlander. So I created a new account and the rest is history. You probably didn’t want to know all of this…*blushes* sorry 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed! I can’t wait for the second season as well. Yes I’ve finished all of the books. I devoured them over the course of four months. I was extremely grateful I hadn’t discovered them sooner because the wait between books is excruciating. Lol. I could go on for days about Outlander so if you ever want to compare notes and discuss you know where to find me ;p

        Liked by 1 person

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