Faith’s ‘Saturday’? Fiction | The Valley

Good day one and all,

I know I had promised that I would post a piece of short fiction on Fridays, but yesterday got kind of hectic and I was hardly able to reach my computer so I bring to you today instead, a very short and raw piece of fiction.

Before we get to it, I just want to warn that I might be a little absent on social media today, only because I’m trying to get through five solid chapters of my WIP today before a party tonight. So if I don’t respond to your comments today, I’ll do my best to get to them tomorrow 🙂 Thank you all for the support you always bless me with. Your words are appreciated more than you could ever know.

Now, onto our story! I hope you enjoy 🙂



Sera walked through the valley of the Dead. 

Grey and gloomy, the path was worn with sorrow and despair, the faces of the deceased grim and decaying. They had been alive once.

She would make them alive again.

As her bare feet trod the path, colour spread through the land. The grass grew verdant, and swayed in the gentle breeze that swept past. Sunlight broke through the cover of fog. Flowers bloomed and blossomed, shades of pastel colours to dispel the drab darkness.

Life flowed around her and the dead rose up, awakened to a new life. 

Confusion filled their gazes until they saw her and they understood. Joy and elation, bliss and gratitude. These were the emotions they conveyed to her.

She walked on until ever inch of the land was awake again and thriving. At the end, she turned to stare back at the work she had done.

Waves of peace and harmony flowed over her and she breathed it in deep. Her task ended for the moment, her wings unfolded and she ascended to the sky. 


May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith    quill-ink

©Faith Rivens. 2016

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