Advent Shorts: Day 7 – The Snow Angel

Hi everyone,

Our seventh outing in this narrative calendar is probably one of the ‘cuter’ ones I’ve written. I think I needed to write something light and sweet and this was the end result.

I hope you can still enjoy it for what it is. 🙂

The Snow Angel

Sprawled out against the thick blanket of snow upon the ground, Olivia extended her hands and arms to their furthest reach. Genuine bliss twinkled in her crystal blue eyes as she brought them back in to her body and extended again, repeating the motion several times.

She leapt up when she was done, careful not to damage the perfect impression of a snow angel now etched into the white.

Proud of the imprinted form, she dashed into the house to gather some necessary material. It took her no time to collect them and she fled the house once more, panting slightly. She did not feel out of breath, delight alive within her.

Kneeling beside the angel, she drew out handfuls of feathers at a time, laying them across the wings. Next, she pulled out her favourite periwinkle dress and clothed the angel’s torso with it. Finally, she took the halo she had worn in her Christmas pageant three years before and dropped it above the angel’s head.

Rising up, Olivia brushed her snow-encrusted jeans, oblivious to the cool dampness inflicting her skin. She observed her masterpiece with satisfaction. There was only the tiniest pang of sadness that broke through her happiness; she wished she could share this moment with someone else. But her parents weren’t home. And there was no one else.

“Amelia.” She whispered to the wind, naming her creation. “You are the most beautiful snow angel I have ever seen. I wish you could be my friend. I wish you were real.”

She closed her eyes and looked up to the sky, commanding the universe to let it be so.

A great wind rushed past her then, sweeping around her, encircling her in a cloud of snow.

She gasped at the sensation. Her eyes flew open, but she was ensconced in a white mist that her sight could not penetrate. A thrill of excitement rushed through her. She did not think to fear.

At length, it relented, the snow dissipating.

Her snow angel had disappeared.

Olivia’s heart sank to see her creation wiped away without a trace.

“Hello, Olivia.”

Olivia spun around. Her angel stood behind her, lifelike with pristine, alabaster skin and long waves of chestnut hair. She wore the blue dress Olivia had draped over her, and her ivory wings were stretched out on either side of her body. Atop her head, her halo shone a shimmering gold.


Her angel nodded.

“You’re real!”

A gentle smile brightened Amelia’s face. “Was that not your wish?”

“It was!” Olivia insisted. She did not bother to explain that most of her wishes had not come true in the past.

“And so I came.”

Olivia contemplated the possibilities that this situation presented to her. To have a guardian angel, someone to accompany her through life, to help her through her hardest times.

“I can only stay a little while,” Amelia explained then, as if able to read Olivia’s thoughts.

Olivia frowned, devastated by the idea.

“Just for one wish.”

“A wish?” She perked up at the sound of it, recognizing without needing to be told the fortune being presented to her. The thoughts running through her mind were endless. There were so many things that she wanted. “Are there any conditions? Restrictions? Prohibitions?”

Amelia laughed, a dainty sound that twinkled like chiming bells. “You cannot wish harm on anyone.”

“Why would I waste a wish on that?” Olivia countered, affronted by the thought. She could deal with bullies on her own. She could take care of some things on her own. It was the things she couldn’t that she focused her thoughts on.

Amelia gave her a kind smile that warmed Olivia to the core. “You have a pure heart.”

Olivia shrugged. She wasn’t a bad person, maybe, but she did do questionable things Like lying when her mom asked if she was sleeping, when her finger was poised on the flashlight to get back to the book begging to be read. Stealing the last truffle and swearing she hadn’t. Forgetting to say prayers at night. She was far from perfect. But it was hard, being alone. So many of her friends had brothers or sisters that they could play with. She had to find ways to amuse herself.

“But you have a good heart, a kind heart.”

Amelia’s praise was all too much. Olivia blushed a deep red.

“I could not have been summoned for anything less. Now, what is your wish, dear one?”

“Can I ask for big things, like peace on earth and happiness for all?”

“It is a great wish, that one, far out of my reach I’m afraid.” There was a genuine, apologetic tone in Amelia’s voice. The angel’s face fell, her lips curving down with regret. “But I will tell you this. If you truly wish for peace and happiness, you must start by embracing those ideals in your heart and sharing them with people you can reach.”

Olivia blinked once. “Am I strong enough for that?”

“I believe that you are. You just have to look deep inside of yourself.”

Olivia nodded and closed her eyes. What bothered her the most? What did she wish for more than anything else? The answer was so clear, imprinted on the very fabric of her heart.

“I know what I want,” she whispered at length, daunted by the finality of the sentence. With this wish, Amelia would be gone. And she would be alone again.

She said her wish aloud.

Amelia smiled and gave a small nod. “It will be done.” She bowed down and pressed her lips to Olivia’s forehead. A light glowed between them.

Olivia felt the warmth of it through her core. Her wish was plucked from her mind, from her lips and lifted on the wind, carried off into the heavens.

Her heart’s weight was lifted, a burden she had not even realized was there until this moment. She wondered how she had never noticed it before.

Amelia retreated from her a step and gazed heavenwards. “I must leave now.”

“I wish you could stay.”

“One wish only.”

Olivia gave her a small smile. She was sad that this moment had to end, but accepted it, believing that her wish was safe in Amelia’s keeping, that her life would soon be changed.

Amelia spread her wings and took to the sky then.

A great light shone, capturing Amelia in its glare. Olivia shielded her eyes from the brilliance of its shine.

When the light had faded, she looked up.

Amelia was gone.

She turned around.

Her snow angel was imprinted in the ground once more.

Twelve days later, on Christmas morn, her parents told her that they were adopting a little girl named Amelia, that she would have a sister.

Her heart filled with joy at the news and she embraced them tight.

‘Thank you, Amelia.’ Her mind cast the thought towards the heavens, knowing that it would be heard, knowing that her wish had come true.


May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,


Faith    quill-ink

© 2015. Faith Rivens.

6 thoughts on “Advent Shorts: Day 7 – The Snow Angel

  1. How sweet! And for me, a little heartwrenching. My son longed for a younger sibling for 8 years before his wish was finally fulfilled. I know he felt wistful about it, and to be honest, my daughter sometimes feels the same way, because their age difference is so big, they can’t always be the kind of playmates either would prefer. It’s a beautiful piece though!

    You may have noticed I tend to read these in bursts, rather than as they come out. I was going to just sit and read a few before getting to my own writing work tonight, but now I see what the next one is…I can’t help myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment! I love having your feedback. I am blessed with a younger sister just two years my junior, but I know people who don’t have siblings and many of them regret that. It must be hard with an age gap, though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have two older sisters and one younger, and the three oldest of us were less than 2 years apart. I know the joy (but also the pain) of close-in-age siblings. So many things are very different for my kids, and I have a hard time remembering that sometimes.

        Liked by 1 person

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