NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty-Five

Hi again everyone!

I say again because I somehow managed to write two blog posts today and write over 3k after 3:00pm! It was a productive day for me and I’m riding on an elation of narrative proportions 😉

After discovering NaNoWriMoSprints yesterday, I’m not going back! It helps motivate me into getting out as much as I can in short blocks. After NaNoWriMo done, I know that I am going to incorporate the same method into my writing ventures everyday that follows.

Today’s word count: 3,362!

My first and last sentences of the day:

Their wide eyes held her in rapt attention as she divulged her soul to them, her heart.

She rose up from the ground, defiant.

In terms of narrative, Peggie has made the decision on her own to leave the comfort she recently found with new friends and take up her journey once more, forsaking safety for danger. She’s really coming into her role as heroine.

And now she’s in more danger than she ever has been before, bringing us within a few scenes of the end of Act II and the start of Act III. I said that yesterday was my favourite day of plots, well I have to amend that statement. Today, I feel like my writing was really on par too just in terms of voice and style. It only took 25 days, but I really have discovered what I want this story to be. It’ll be daunting to go back to and fix the first half to match the second, but I look forward to the challenge!

Do you find yourself becoming more attuned to your characters and the plot that they are participating in the more you write? Where are you in your story?

In these last few days, whether you’re already hundreds of words past the 50k, or struggling through your last few thousand, keep believing in yourself! That is the best way to succeed.

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,


Faith  quill-ink

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty-Five

  1. Impressive day! 🎉 Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back gor a job well done.

    What are #NaNoWriMoSprints?

    I haven’t had time to get into any of the sude stuff going on with NaNo. I would love to get my local library involved. I thought they were when they did a writing workshop for kids but it was unrelated.


    1. Thanks 🙂
      #NaNoWordSprints (I had misnamed them) can be found on Twitter hosted by @NaNoWordSprints. Throughout each day, there are different hosts who put up prompts and times for people to use to motivate them to achieve their word counts. From 5 minute sprints to 1k30mins, it’s just a fun way to devote yourself for a short period of time and see how many words you can get out. Seeing that you can write close to 400 words in 10 minutes reminds you that if you took 6 ten minute writing periods with breaks between, you could hit 2400 words easily!
      Getting something started at your library sounds like a brilliant idea! At my Church, we have a small bunch of youth and I’m hoping to get them involved next year. Creativity is such an important tool to introduce to kids when their younger — especially since most schools place it aside for the sake of sciences.

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