NaNoWriMo: Day Fifteen

Hi everyone,

After yesterday’s big push, today’s word count is a little lacking. It was a busy day, though, and I had to rely on a few writing sprints of my own during stolen moments to get to 2k. I was distracted with things today. Still, I passed my daily goal. At this rate, I’ll be past 50k by the 21st! I’m excited to be able to do it.

My total word count for the day: 2,445 words.

My first and last sentences of the day:

Peggie looked back down at her plate and wished she could disappear.

“Would you play for me?”

Today’s narrative saw Peggie wishing she hadn’t left Caraliel, faced as she is with more and more devastating truths. She keeps searching for answers to her questions, but each success leaves her wishing she had never asked it in the first place! She and Terrie have yet to journey further since yesterday’s arrival at Heralding. I don’t like the delay at all, but they’re refusing to leave. It’s time I give them a good plot twist push forward.

Today marks day 15. Have you passed the halfway mark in your word count? Whether you have or haven’t, I hope you’re all enjoying NaNoWriMo as much as I am and learning something about who you are as a writer.

At this point in my own journey, I’ve come to learn a lot about my passion, about being determined, being courageous, not overthinking too much. And when inspiration seems to dip, the best thing to do is to remind myself why I started writing the story in the first place & let that help me refocus my energy and renew my efforts.

Let me know what great discoveries you’ve made about yourself and your writing strategies.

May inspiration flow like ink on your quill,

Faith  quill-ink

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