NaNoWriMo: Day Thirteen

Hello everyone,

I feel somewhat subdued posting this now, with everything happening in Paris. My prayers are with everyone touched by the attacks. Sitting with my family in our living room, an ocean away from the city, I couldn’t help but be deeply affected by the horrors playing out on the screen. I am deeply saddened by the anger in our world. I hope that one day, peace and kindness and love for humanity might end war and hostility in our world.

In light of these events, I found little inspiration to write this evening. I had already passed my 2k a day, and in the grand scheme of things, my writing could take a break.

I am still inspired to write, don’t misunderstand me on that count. But more than that, I am inspired to share love and goodness with anyone who wishes to accept it.

For those following my NaNoWriMo journey, here’s my word count & first and last sentences of the day:

Word Count: 2254

It was a bleak day.


There might be a few others with me, too.

With that update done, may I just offer again a wish for every one of you and your loved ones, friends, families. May your lives be filled with happiness and love. May you live each day with open hearts, and never take a single moment for granted. May you be kind to those in need, respect humanity and love yourself. May you be brave enough to do what is right.

And know that, even though we haven’t met, I love you and believe in you and wish for only the best for you.

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,


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