NaNoWriMo: Day Twelve

Hello again!

Another day. Another series of words on words on words. Today was a hard one. It was a long day at work, and I came home feeling somewhat drained and tired. I still managed to get a decent count in. But it was a struggle at first. By the end of it, I found a bit more inspiration and managed to escape the doldrums to at least achieve my 2k a day goal!

Word count for the day: 2,088.

Here are my first and last sentences of the day:

I had not thought to light a fire that night.

It was only later that I discovered the tragedies that marred her past.

In terms of plot, Peggie and Terrie made it out of the forest in one piece — more or less — and have reached a new town where they’re bound to face new challenges and discover some new things about each other. Terrie’s been telling a lot of stories. The storyline has slowed a bit, and screams for edits. My inner critic has made notes, but she’ll have to wait for her chance to make any edits until the 2nd draft.

How are your NaNoWriMo experiences going? Any concerns to get off your chest? Accomplishments to share? I’d love to hear them!

Good luck with all your endeavours.

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill.

Faith  quill-ink

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