NaNoWriMo: Day Nine!

Hi all!

So, this morning I had to renew my Learner’s Permit and found myself sitting an hour in a crowded room with my mother. In that time, I chose to be productive and brought pen and paper to write. When I got home, I typed it all up, only to realize that I had written 1,493 words, bringing me up to a grand total of 20,263! All before noon. I couldn’t help but be excited by that! And it didn’t stop there.

By the time I called it a day, my word count was at: 3,728 which is the most I’ve done in a day yet!

Yes, it was a terrific day!

Here are my first and last lines of the day:

Her weariness lingered as she meandered through the forest.

They truly were the most beautiful images she had ever seen.

In terms of plot, some really exciting and crazy events occupied a great amount of the words I wrote today. it was a really tense scene with some horror elements — have to admit, I was a little scared writing it. I wasn’t sure where things were going to lead. And then, in a quieter moment, there was a great twist that even I wasn’t expecting, an important moment that will ultimately aid Peggie in her quest for self-discovery!

All in all, an extraordinary day!

How was your writing day? Any big progress in plot or word count? Anything really exciting happen? If you have success to share or concerns, please leave a comment!

And always remember, writing is one word at a time, one day at a time. Just believe in yourself. Trust your talent. The rest will follow 🙂

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith quill-ink

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