NaNoWriMo: Day Three

Today was a tough day. It was my first day having to balance work and NaNoWriMo and I could feel the struggle of it. But I’m not dejected by it. One day at a time. One word at a time. Obstacles are a normal part of a life. They’re a normal part of NaNoWriMo too.

Still, I did manage to hit 2,166 words today. Not bad, but less than what I managed to do the last two days. At this rate, I’ll still be done before November 30th. A small stumble, but there’s a larger success to celebrate: I reached and surpassed the 5k mark! 🙂

Also, fun fact: i reached my inciting incident 🙂 The moon is gone!

Here are my first and last sentences of the day:

Terrie’s voice faltered, cracking ever so slightly.

“I must believe that it is.”

How is everyone else doing on their third day of NaNoWriMo? Did you pass the 5,000 mark? Are you still feeling motivated? Are you starting to feel a drain? Whether you’re still pumping with adrenaline or struggling to stay inspire, always remember: Conceive. Believe. Achieve. Success is in your grasps. It’s just you and the page.

May inspiration flow like ink through your quill,

Faith     quill-ink

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