This Week in Review… The Fifth

Hi everyone and welcome to a fifth edition of this week in review. This might be the last one for some time, only because next Monday is November 2nd and I’ll be investing all my free time in NaNoWriMo. I’m hoping to get more progress reports out than anything. So with that in mind, let’s make this Review an epic one!

What I Read:

Sourcery — It’s the Gags You’re After | David S. Wellhauser

Sourcery: Terry Pratchett. I only immersed myself into the Discworld universe three years ago and was hooked at the first. What a fantastic author! What a unique talent. His passing, now over seven months ago, was a true tragedy. But his legacy is one that will not be forgotten. If you have not yet read a Discworld novel, you are missing out on a true delight. There isn’t a necessary order, but you are most welcome to read them according to their publication date, as I am. The Colour of Magic  would be the first then, and I highly encourage and endorse that you do 🙂

Meanwhile, I’ve concluded the fifth in the “series” and it is definitely my favourite so far. The humour is poignant — I laughed out loud countless times. The narrative is memorable, the characters sympathetic. Touching and funny at once, I think I can also safely claim it as one of my favourite reads of 2015!

What I Listened To:

Adele Unveils ’25’ Album Cover, Tracklisting, Release Date      

Songs are daily friends in my life. They play while I write, while I read, lull me to sleep. Some really caught my ear:

  1. Hello by Adele: I couldn’t talk about music this week without talking about Adele and her announced 25 album. I am a very, very, very, VERY BIG fan of Adele! I love her voice, love her lyrics, love her music. 21 is one of those albums I can play through a few times on repeat without getting bored or antsy. So my excitement level went skyrocketing when I heard that she was releasing her third studio album. And then she released her first single and OH MY GOODNESS, how beautiful is Hello! Scratch that: GORGEOUS! Sorry for the all-caps, I just can’t help but be overly emphatic in my reaction. Adele is back. And it’s glorious!
  2. The Leftovers Soundtrack  by Max Richter. I first read The Leftovers by Tom Perotta about two years ago and was deeply moved by the narrative it presented. Then I watched the first season on HBO last year and was impressed by the way in which the show was able to convey the same theme and characters from the novel with enough of a refreshing edge to also make it feel unique. Now I’m watching the second season and am even more amazed by how they’ve chosen to continue the story beyond the scope of the novel. This week, I stumbled across the first season score on Spotify and listened through it. I remember being deeply moved by the music during by early episode viewings, but hearing it again just reinforced the very inspirational and emotional orchestration from the Departure theme to Dona Nobis Pacem 2. Honestly, this is now going to top my NaNoWriMo music list.

What I Watched:

... stream "Back to the Future" trilogy for the whole month of October

Would you be surprised if I said Back to the Future? Would you be more surprised if I didn’t? Well, I did. My family and I sat down on Friday to watch the first one — I know that it’s the second one that deals with the future — but we like doing things in order. A viewing of Parts II & III are bound to follow. In any case, I’d forgotten how great the first movie really is. Such an enjoyable film that also boasts a structure worthy of study by writers. My biggest qualm is that the climax layers on the conflict so thickly that by the end you’re rolling your eyes, thinking Doc Brown…more like Doc Murphy! Will anything go right? A minor quibble, however. Plus: Michael J. Fox is CANADIAN! An added bonus 🙂

I also have to mention that — among the many tv episodes I watched — I finally finished the third season of The Sopranos. What a fantastic season finale was The Army of OneThere are many things to praise The Sopranos for, but one of its greatest achievement is its ability to deal with a subject matter (aka the mafia), a normally exaggerated story in such a simplistic, realistic and honest way. The arc of this episode alone is so subtly initiated and leads to family conflict one would expect to see in any drama. Just brilliant!

You see that I skipped the What I Wrote section this week, because I honestly haven’t written much, I’ve just outlined a great deal and plotted, mostly as NaNoPrep, some of which I’ve already posted about.

So that’s it for today, and maybe for a while. Any posts that follow will mostly be NaNoWriMo associated. Of course, who knows what might inspire me. Either way…

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill,

Faith quill-ink

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