This November Will Be…

NaNoWriMo for me!

That’s right, I’m taking the plunge and this year will be devoting myself to writing a whole new novel across the month of November. I still haven’t decided which one yet. I have so many ideas up in the air. There is one that I’m leaning more towards, but I’ll be making a proper pro and con list later today or tomorrow to make the smart decision.


For years I’ve told myself that, with the coming of each November, I would participate in the NaNoWriMo phenomenon. It seemed like the natural choice to make, considering that I had a love of telling stories. And yet every November would pass by without any success. The blame for my failure I would always place upon schoolwork. And, to some extent, I feel justified in that judgment. Being a recent graduate from University, however, I can no longer lay the blame on anyone but myself, and so this year I’m determined. I will participate and I will succeed. A short-term goal, I believe I have a lot riding on it, and I know that, if I succeed, it will only further boost my self-confidence, and help me on the path to becoming a published writer.

Anyone else participating in NaNoWriMo? Is this your first time? Or your tenth? What helps to inspire you? What keeps you motivated?

May inspiration flow like ink upon your quill!

Faith  quill-ink

3 thoughts on “This November Will Be…

  1. This year will be my sixth NaNo. Most of my inspiration comes from the planning I do before-hand. And motivation during the month can come from other writers or my own fear of failure. And word wars!


    1. Sixth! Congratulations. I’ve heard that the pre-planning phase is crucial when launching into NaNoWriMo. And Word wars? Sounds exciting! There’s no worthier war than the one fought over vocabulary. Thanks for sharing.


      1. Word wars are very exciting! You and at least one other person set a time limit (usually 10-20 minutes) and a starting time. You write like mad, wherever you are in your writing at the time, and then compare word counts at the end. They can be done in person or online. They’re a great push to just write without thinking too hard.


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