This Week in Review…The Second

What I Read (still am reading)


Dragonfly in Amber – Diana Gabaldon: Second in the Outlander series, I picked this book up out of duty more than interest. I had heard great things about the first book, but found myself not as enthralled by it as I had hoped to be. Going into it with high expectations probably worked against me. The opposite is true for the second one. I’m only halfway through, but my low expectations going into it has allowed me to be more engaged by the characters and the plot. I’ll have more to say next week.

What I Listened To:

Return of the King soundtrack: This was far from a first time listen, but I have obsessively been listening to the songs for epic inspiration during my writing sessions.


What I Wrote:

This week was a bit better for me. I got a little further in my script and in The Divided Draft. Some major brainstorming has allowed me to get a little further in my novel’s outline and a better idea of how my plot is going to develop. Same for my script, with the rewriting phase I’m going through, an outline of my necessary scenes has better prepared me for the new climax at the end and the ensuing resolution. It’s definitely been a learning curve, one at once unexpected and greatly appreciated. I’ll be writing more fully on that in the coming week, so keep your eyes out.

What I Watched:


It seems fitting to include this part this week after a second viewing of Avengers: Age of Ultron on Friday at the behest of my father–he’s a great Marvel fan. I had not particularly enjoyed the first viewing in theaters, and a second showing left me feeling even more disappointed in the final result. Overstuffed with plot, underwhelmed my character non-development, this film had the potential to be a great one, but left much to be desired. The biggest issue, in my humble opinion in any case, was the film’s preoccupation with setting up further plot lines to serve the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, a goal that heavily impeded the film’s own arc.

I also just need to add, because I hate ending on a bad note, that I’ve also taken to watching The Graham Norton Show. I’ve started with the first season, which aired on 2007 and can be found on YouTube. Crass and rife with colourful language, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but some moments are so hilarious, and just what I need to cheer myself up.


Beyond that, I’ve also indulged in a few fall shows: Doctor Who, The Grinder, The Muppets, Black-ish & How to Get Away with Murder. They are enjoyable in their own ways and keep me entertained. Mere distractions as I work through creating my own stories.

That’s it for now!

Stay safe and keep writing.

Faith quill-ink

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