Revising (AKA Rewriting!)… A New Resolution for a New Me

Last week, I started out with the hope of creating an outline sheet for The Divided Draft to help me better chart out its arc towards the final conflict. Best intentions seldom lead where they should though. Halfway through my first day, my attention was diverted to a script that I have recently circulated to competitions. I’ve garnered a lot of positive feedback and made it into the top ten percent of Blue Cat and the quarter-finals of Scriptapalooza. Recently, I submitted it to Shore Scripts from which I also received script coverage that solidified for me some issues I’ve been facing of late with.

I’m not sure when it first occurred to me, but for some time I’ve felt distanced from this script. A little background for those of you who are interested: I initially wrote this story as a short script for a Screenplay class in CEGEP (a Quebec necessitated educational institution set between high school and University). Nineteen at the time, I was excited by the new medium I had discovered and later determined to broaden it into a feature, a feat only accomplished four years later. Since then, I’ve developed and grown as a human being. Much as with The Divided Draft, I’ve come to the disturbing realization that I can no longer see myself in the pages of my script. The premise and first act as well as my protagonist’s arc are still true, mercifully, but the way the conflict develops and resolves reflects the person I was, not who I am, and I can’t stand by it.

A big decision to make, it’s a necessary one, and I’ve undertaken this revision (aka rewrite) with an exuberance that I didn’t think possible. As much as I feel the need to finish revising The Divided Draft, I also recognize that revising (aka rewriting) my script is a task less challenging, less daunting, and much more easily achieved than the former.

So that’s where I am now, revising (aka rewriting) my script. The first act is solid, something I’m very proud of. I’ve outlined the rest of the script accordingly, with a new resolution and new points of conflict. While it’s not perfect, it definitely resonates as a more honest portrayal of who I am as a storyteller. Passion drives me through this challenge because it’s something I believe in.

I wish the same passion to you. Feel free to share your greatest revising (AKA rewriting) challenge at the present or in the recent past.

May inspiration flow like ink,

Faith  quill-ink

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