This Week in Review…The First

Every week I’m hoping to post one of these, summing up my recent adventures from the week, from writing endeavours to books read and anything else that might have tickled my fancy in the past seven days.

Here comes the first one.

What I read:

Map of All Things, second in Kevin J. Anderson’s Terra Incognita trilogy series:7

I read the first one a while ago, but only recently picked up a copy of the second. The long hiatus between reads had little to do with the quality of the book, but my own busy schedule and the long list of other books vying for my attention. The series itself is devoted to the story of two warring nations and a conflict deeply rooted in differences of faith. The narrative itself unfolds through the perspective of a myriad of characters, a cast which never comes close to George R.R.Martin’s. Alongside the plot of war, is one of discovery, as each nation separately attempts to discover Terravitae, the fabled holy land.

I’ve enjoyed the series thus far, and look forward to the concluding tome, after the next few books on my to-read list. I’d recommend it to you kindred spirits devoted to fantastical genres with compelling, sympathetic characters and story lines that stray far from the generic, at times leading to heart-wrenching, honest moments.

What I wrote:

Barely anything. What a shame. This week has been a hectic one. The extent of my work was an edit of the first act of one of my scripts. It sounds like a good task, but it took less time than you might think. On the positive note, it did allow me to do some necessary slicing and dicing, going lean on the superfluous and redundant. Now I have a first act that I am completely enamoured with! I still should have done more. That’s what this week is for.

What I listened to:

This week allowed me to discover/rediscover a few songs. Here are just the top 3.

  1. Writing’s On the Wall – Sam Smith: We’ll get this one over with first. There’s been a lot of back and forth over whether or not this new James Bond song is any good. Personally, after a full listen through, I understand both sides of the argument, but I personally LOVE it! The orchestral backing is gorgeous and Sam’s voice is angelic. I love the slow, drawn out lines, and the lyricism. But that’s just me. Definitely a winner!
  2. Carry on Wayward Son – Kansas: I recently rediscovered this song and now it is an earworm. The arrangement and lyrics are superb and epic in their driving nature, carrying a tone of solemnity while simultaneously inspiring with vibrant and catchy guitar riffs.
  3. Sinnerman – Nina Simone: It’s difficult to find the appropriate words to describe this song. It’s such a powerful piece, especially as Nina’s sultry voice rasps away with a passionate fervour. She’s an idol of mine. Honestly, listen to a few of her songs. They’re divine.

That’s all for this week. Check in next Monday to see what this week throws in my way. In the meantime, what book did you read this week?

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